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Approval Letter View

Approved No :- MECH-142201/2021/14

Letter No. : MECH (HQ)/142201/2021/14                                   Dhanbad,                             Date: 22.03.2021

DGMS APPROVAL NO.- MECH-142201/2021/14


Director General of Mines Safety
Directorate General of Mines Safety,
P.O & Distt: Dhanbad - 826 016.



Subject: Renewal of Approval for Man Riding System by Rope Haulage (Direct) for No. 10 Incline (Maori Mine) (Surface to 1L, 1 Seam) of Mohan Colliery in Kanhan Area of M/s Western Coalfield Limited.


Please refer to your online application made vide ID: 30566 dated 20.07.2020 and other documents submitted therewith in this regard.

I, in exercise of powers conferred upon Chief Inspector of Mines (also designated as Director General of Mines Safety) under Regulation 208 (3) of the Coal Mines Regulations 2017, hereby  renew the approval issued vide this Directorate’s Letter No. Directorate’s Letter No. Mech (HQ)/ APP/ APHMEL/ M-Riding/ 732 dated 16.10.2008 for Man Riding System by Rope Haulage (Direct) for No. 10 Incline (Maori Mine) (Surface to 1L, 1 Seam) of Mohan Colliery in Kanhan Area of M/s Western Coalfield Limited for a period of five year i.e. upto 16.10.2025, subject to the conditions mentioned in Letter No. Mech (HQ)/ APP/ MRC/ APHMEL/ 759 dated 02.09.2015 and Annexure overleaf.

The application for renewal/ regular approval shall be made 90 days prior to the expiry of the validity of approval.


Your Sincerely,

Director General of Mine Safety
Date : 22/03/2021



1. Design, construction and installation of man riding haulage engine.

Every part of the system shall be of good construction, suitable material, of adequate strength and free from visible defect and shall be properly maintained. Every man riding car by rope haulage system and each of the accessories thereof shall so far as is practicable be constructed of no inflammable material and any inflammable material, if used, shall be shrouded with a substantial metallic covering.

1.1 Design of haulage engine:

  • The haulage engine shall be located in properly built engine house.
  • The haulage engine shall be firmly connected to a rigid foundation and shall be so designed, constructed and maintained that with the power provided, the raising and lowering of persons can be carried out with ease, reliability and safety.
  • Design of the drum shall be such that its flanges are sufficient to prevent the rope from slipping or coiling unevenly.
  • Every haulage engine shall be provided with adequate guards or fencing.
  • The design of the direct haulage engine shall be such that frame and all the components can be easily dismantled without much difficulty for transportation and maintenance in the mine.
  • There shall be two exits provided at engine driver room.
  • The material specification of haulage drum and gear box shall be as per DGMS approval.

1.2 Mechanical Details:

As per statutory and other specific requirements, the direct rope haulage for transporting persons in mines shall conform to the following requirements:

  • Drum diameter in mm minimum 80 times of rope diameter.
  • Drum width in mm minimum 60 times the rope diameter.
  • Flanges diameter in mm minimum 100 times the rope diameter.
  • Rope capacity on drum up to 2000m.

1.3 Maximum Speed:

The normal working speed of man riding car shall be fixed by manager in consultation with engineer and original equipment manufacturer and shall not exceed 8.0 km/h(eight kilometer per hour). The speed adjustment arrangement shall be made available at haulage engine. The variation of the speed of man riding car during acceleration or deceleration shall not be such as to give rise to any signs of discomfort to the persons.

1.4 Brakes:

  • There shall be provided with at least two independent brakes.
  • A service brake shall be fitted to haulage engine drum and shall have a braking capacity of 1.5 (one and half) times the static torque.
  • An emergency brake system independent of service brake system shall be fitted and the braking torque shall be 3.0 (three) times the torque resulting from the maximum rope pull.
  • A separate emergency hydraulic shut-off valve shall be provided near to operator, to apply brakes (by draining the hydraulic oil in the circuit) in case of failure of pilot control or other systems, in emergency.
  • The material specifications of brakes shall be as per DGMS approval.

1.5 Safety features in haulage engine:

  • Every engine shall be equipped with a reliable distance indicator showing to the engine driver the position of the man riding car throughout the run, and an automatic device that will ring a bell in the engine room when the car is approaching boarding or alighting station, at a distance of not less than two revolutions of the drum.
  • An automatically recording speed indicator, over travel limit switch and over speed trip switch shall be provided in the haulage engine. The over speed trip switch shall be set at 10 percent more than normal speed of rope.
  • A dead man’s handle shall be provided in order to stop the haulage engine in the event of collapse or incapability of the operator.
  • Slack rope protection shall be provided.
  • Slow banking device shall be provided so that man riding cars will travel at less than 1.5m/sec when it is being hauled at stations.
  • Push button switch arrangement shall be provided to switch off the haulage engine in case of emergency.

1.6 Lowering of men:

Lowering of men with controlled speed mechanism by means of regenerative braking or variable frequency drive system or any other equivalent system shall be provided.

2. Rope and cappel:

2.1.1 The wire rope shall be approved by Chief Inspector of Mines and shall conform to IS 1855:2003 or its revised version with minimum size of 26mm diameter, construction of stranded 6x7, galvanized, lubricated with fiber core. The fiber core shall conform to IS 1804:2004 or its revised version.

2.1.2 The minimum breaking load of wire rope shall not be less than 10(ten) times the maximum pulling load by haulage.

2.1.3 Care shall be taken to avoid any twisting or kinking of the rope while unreeling of rope during installation.

2.1.4 The end of the rope shall be securely fixed to drum in such a manner that the rope is not unduly strained. There shall be at least two turns of rope on the drum when the car is at lowest working point.

2.1.5 Spliced rope shall not be used on any direct rope haulage system.

2.1.6 The lubricants used in the wire rope shall not cause any corrosive action on the wire rope.

2.1.7 In-situ Non Destructive Test of all vital components of haulage engine and man raiding cars along with wire rope shall be tested once in every six months conforming to at any Government approved laboratory or a test house accredited by NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories) subject to confirmation of its ability to conduct such tests The testing laboratory shall have valid NABL accredited certificate for the purpose and testing personnel having valid competency level-II certificate for NDT issued from Indian Society for Non – Destructive Testing (ISNT)/American Society for Non – Destructive Testing (ASNT) and test reports certified by Competency level –III person issued from ISNT/ASNT, which may be accepted by Chief Inspector of Mines on the basis of the authenticity/legitimacy of the test house.

2.1.8 Rope capping shall be carried out as per regulation 85(5) of Coal Mines Regulation, 2017 at least once in every 6 (six) months, or if necessary, at short intervals as decided by mine manager. Before every such recapping, a length, including the capping, of at least 3.0(three) meters shall be cut off the rope and same wire rope sample shall be tested at any Government approved laboratory or a test house accredited by NABL may also be accepted, subject to confirmation to its ability to conduct such tests for break load and tensile, torsion & bend test of wires.

2.2 Rope life and discarding factors

The life of rope shall be fixed by mine manager in consultation with engineer and in any case it shall not be more than 2 years and the norms of discarding of the rope shall conform to DGMS Tech. Cir. 77/1963 or its revised version along with the following additional conditions:

  • Reduction in diameter of the rope is 10% of the original diameter when new, anywhere along the length of the rope.
  • Broken wires with in any one strand exceed 15% of the total no. of wires in that strand.

2.3 Conical white metal rope cappel shall conform to DGMS general order No. DGMS/Mech/Tech.Cir.(Approval) No.01 dated 13.02.2015 or its revised version and shall be used with the man riding haulage rope. The cappel of the rope shall be treated as part of the suspension gear of winding system and shall conform to IS 7587:2006 or its revised version. Bent wire cappel shall not be used with man riding haulage system. The rope shall be secured tightly in ham bone clamp by 16 numbers of M 20 bolts. These bolts shall be tightened with a minimum torque of 220 N-m.

3. Man riding car:

3.1 Man riding car shall be made either as per IS 9494:1980 or its revised version.

3.2 Rope anchoring car shall be provided with a head lamp that provides adequate illumination of the road way and track for a minimum distance of 60m (sixty meters). A red lamp at the rear of the man riding car of similar visibility shall also be provided. Head and tail lamps shall be kept ‘ON’ during operation.

3.3 Every car used for man riding shall be provided with safe and ergonomically designed seats and protected on sides and ends to prevent the persons from falling off the cars.

3.4 Provision shall be made for safety connection in between cars by D-shackle coupling. Safety chains may be centre buffer coupling (CBC).

3.5 The automatic over speed track brakes shall be provided and set to operate at 20(twenty) percent above the normal operating speed of the rope.

3.6 Each car shall be provided with hand levers to operate track brakes by persons traveling in cars in case of emergency.

3.7 Each car shall be hydraulically connected to adjacent car by quick release coupling or any other method in order to activate all brakes in all the cars to be applied at a time.

3.8 All man riding cars while carrying men shall not be used to carry materials.

3.9 Sufficient clearance shall be maintained between brake pad and track during operation. The brake shoe pads shall be provided with tungsten carbide nibs.

3.10 Man riding car brakes shall be applied to wheel or rail whichever is possible.

3.11 There shall be provision in the car to carry the injured person on stretcher.

3.12 The number of persons to be transported by man riding car shall be decided by the manager in consultation with the engineer and notice specifying number shall be prominently posted at every station.

3.13 The material specifications of cars shall be as per DGMS approval.

4. D- shackle, coupling and safety chain:

4.1 D- shackle, coupling and safety chain shall comply as per DGMS general order No. DGMS/ Mech /Tech. Cir. (Approval) No.01 dated 13.02.2015 or its revised version. The D-shackle, coupling and safety chain shall be treated as part of the suspension gear of winding system and shall conform to IS 7587:2006 or its revised version.

The D- shackle, coupling and safety chain material shall be any of the following:

  • 20Mn2 confirming to IS 4432
  • 11Mn2 confirming to IS 1570
  • 20Ni 55 Cr 5Mo 20 to IS 4432

4.2 The factor of safety for both coupling and safety chains shall not be less than 10.0(ten). Safety attachments shall be provided between cars (chain or other suitable appliance) and shall be so fitted that they are not normally subjected to load and shall be adequate strength to sustain any shock load which might be imposed on them due to failure of the main chassis.

5. Route and Profile of the Roadway:

5.1 The axis of track line shall be straight and of regular gradient.

5.2 The profile of the haulage road way shall facilitate and allow persons to get down easily from cars in case of power failure or due to any other reason.

5.3 The roadway all along the travel and stations shall be specially secured against falls of sides and roof.

5.4 Man holes shall be provided all along the route as per Regulation 92(11)(12)(13)(14)(15)(16) of Coal Mines Regulations, 2017.

5.5 The man riding car by endless rope haulage system shall not run in a steeper gradient more than 1:12.

5.6 The cars shall be capable of passing over rail track with minimum of 610 mm gauge.

5.7 In order to ensure free movement of passengers, the following distances shall be provided and ensured:

  • Car top portion below the roof shall be sufficient to accommodate and operate the pantograph for signaling purpose, after duly considering the undulations, if any.
  • The clearance between the edge of the man riding car and side shall not be less than 1.0(one) meter.

5.8 Track used for man riding shall be installed and maintained as defined below:

  • It shall be straight and leveled enough such that the travel shall be smooth without any jerks to the passengers.
  • It shall be properly ballasted and provided with proper drains.
  • The sleepers shall be placed at equal distances and the spacing shall be such that the sag of the rails by virtue of movement of the car wheel is minimized.
  • The rail used for the purpose of track shall have a weight not less than 60 lb/yard and shall be of uniform cross section throughout.
  • Special attention shall be paid to rail joints to ensure that no step is formed by the rail ends and every rail joint shall be secured by suitable fish plates fitted with the required number of bolts.
  • Track limiting switches shall be provided to warn the engine driver of an impending over run and an automatic device shall be provided to stop the haulage engine after the warning has been given.
  • Suitable rope guide pulleys with lubricating arrangements shall be provided at frequent intervals to avoid rubbing of rope with sleepers or floor and such pulleys shall be secured/locked.

6. Signalling and communication system:

6.1 Pantograph/Radio remote signal system shall be provided in rope anchor car or leading man riding car to provide signals to Haulage driver.

6.2 Separate signaling system independent of pantograph/ radio remote signaling system along the haulage road ways shall also be provided.

6.3 Loud hailing communication system shall be provided along the road ways at a distance of every 200 m, in case of below ground coal mines it shall be intrinsically safe and flameproof (wherever required) and shall have valid DGMS approval.

6.4 Adequate precautions shall be taken to ensure that the communication and signal cables do not come in contact with other cables and electrical apparatus.

6.5 Where signal wires are bare conductors, they shall be supported on suitable insulators and the voltage shall not exceed 30V.

6.6 The code of signals shall be used and strictly observed as per Regulation 92(5), (6) & (7) of Coal Mines Regulations, 2017.

6.7 Pre-start warning alarm shall be of audio-visual type and provided at all stations and prominent junctions, to warn the persons. The pre start alarm shall give warning signal for at least 10.0 (ten) seconds before every start of the car movement.

6.8 A visual type warning system shall be provided all along the man riding haulage roadway and kept “ON” during entire operation.

7. Boarding and Alighting Stations:

  • Every station shall be white washed and adequately illuminated.
  • Appropriate boarding or alighting signs shall be provided at the approach to each platform.
  • At all stations, there shall be marked with restricted entry cautioning the persons not to enter until he has received permission from the train guard.
  • An electrically lighted or red reflector type “STOP” sign shall be provided at each end of man riding haulage run.
  • At the end of the man riding haulage, the track is to be covered with suitable material like sand, etc. and provided with suitable buffer at the end to prevent hard landing, in case of uncontrolled movement of the man riding car.
  • A suitable arrangement shall be made to inspect the bottom of the under carriage and bogie condition on a horizontal platform with protected roofing. (Repair Shed).

8. Electrical details:

The motor and other associated electrical controls and switchgear used for man riding car system shall be capable of hauling up and lowering of the persons with smooth controlled speed.

8.1 The electrical equipment for haulages shall be selected in accordance with IS 9559:1980 or its revised version and shall comply as per DGMS .Cir.Tech.13/1982 or its revised version. For use in belowground coal mines, all electrical equipments associated with the man-riding car system shall be of flameproof construction & intrinsically safe or intrinsically safe as per requirement, and such equipment/ apparatus shall comply to relevant applicable standards and duly approved by Chief Inspector of Mines.

8.2 All electric lighting fixtures shall be of flameproof construction. Provided that, the lighting fixtures may be of increased safety enclosure type ‘e’ in first degree gassy mines at locations other than return airways and in-bye of the last ventilation.

8.3 A suitable Alternator and/or Battery with adequate capacity shall be provided in the car as power source to lighting system of the car.

8.4 All live parts shall be properly enclosed to prevent sparks, short-circuits etc, when persons coming into contact accidentally with them.

8.5 The relevant provisions of the Central Electricity Authority (Measures relating to Safety and Electric Supply) Regulations, 2010 as amended from time to time shall be complied in all matters relating to the installation, operation and maintenance of the equipment.

8.6 The cables shall comply to the provisions of the DGMS Tech. Circular (Electrical) Approval No. 12 dated 25.05.2015 and corrigendum vide DGMS Tech. Circular (Electrical) Approval No. 01 dated 19.02.2016 or its revised version in addition to the special requirements, if any, specifically for safe operation of the equipment.

8.7 All electrical equipment associated with the chair car shall be checked by electrical supervisor of the mine and the observations shall be recorded daily in a bound register kept for the purpose or in electronic form with due authentication.

9. Distribution of code of practice to appointed persons:

A copy of these conditions shall be handed over to each person appointed to be the Operator or persons responsible for checking, examination or maintenance of the machinery and equipment employed in man riding system.

10. Maintenance, Inspection and testing:

10.1 It shall be the duty of the Engineer incharge of the Man-riding Rope Haulage System installation to ensure that the engineering staff properly supervises-

  • Installation of such apparatus
  • Maintenance in safe working condition and in accordance with all the requirement of the relevant regulations of such apparatus at mine.

10.2 Examination and testing of all such apparatus, before it is put in to, use after installation, reinstallation and repairs.

10.3 It shall be the duty of the Manager to ensure that these shall be, at all times in force, a scheme in respect of the Man-riding Rope Haulage System, for the systematic examination and testing of all such apparatus at the mine to ensure proper maintenance thereof.

10.4 Any such scheme shall specify the internals, within which all Man-riding Rope Haulage System must be examined and tested, the manner in which the results of every such examination and test may, pursuant to such scheme be recorded in a bound paged book.

10.5 The scheme for each mine or copies thereof, shall be kept at the mine office or at such other places as may be approved by the concerned Regional Inspector.

10.6 Every record of any test or examination made pursuant to any scheme, or a copy of such record shall, until expiration of 3 years after such test/examination be kept at the mine office, or at such places may be approved by the Regional Inspector.

10.7 Every member of supervisory staff shall record, in a book provided for the purpose,

  • A report of any defect revealed by any examination or test of the Man-riding Rope Haulage System, either supervised by him or reported to him, and action taken to remedy such defect and
  • Any other information, which may be considered necessary.

10.8 Every competent person shall, forthwith, report any defect revealed by any examination or test carried out by him to a member of the supervisory staff authorized for the purpose, and the engineer.

10.9 Shift Inspection

At the beginning of every shift, the operator shall inspect and/or test all external parts of the system, the fencing of all appliances, the engine breaking system, signaling system, safety devices etc.

  • Regular examination of winding rope shall be done according to Reg. 88(1) (b) & (c) of CMR 2017.
  • Examination of brakes of Man-riding Rope Haulage System shall be carried out as per Regulation 88(1)(a)(ii) of CMR 2017.

10.10 Weekly Examination:

  • Protective devices i.e. overspeed device, over load, over travel device and signaling shall be inspected by a competent person and a record there of shall be maintained in a bound paged book.
  • Manriding Car repair and examination record shall be maintained in a bound paged book.

10.11 Monthly Examination

The rope shall be thoroughly cleaned at places, and shall be examined by a competent person. A careful examination shall be made of the, circumference and surface condition of the rope for fracture of wires. The result of these examinations including the measured diameter of the rope at the above points shall be entered in a bound paged book.

10.12 Six Monthly Examination

  • Non destructive Testing of all vital parts like drum shaft, brake path, pins, brake linkages, rope attachment, and anchoring pins of Man-riding Rope Haulage System shall be done at least once in six months.
  • Sample of the rope of at least 3.0(three) meters cut off during recapping shall be tested at any Government approved laboratory or a test house accredited by NABL shall be carried out at least once in six months.

11. General conditions:

11.1 Adequate lighting shall be provided at all stations and along the roadway.

11.2 Adequate number of competent persons including fitter, electrician, operator, rope splicer, and supervisors (Electrical, Mechanical & Mining) etc. shall be appointed.

11.3 An engineer shall be authorized to hold charge of man riding car system, and to be responsible for its installation, maintenance and safe working.

11.4 Regular inspections of the system i.e., shift wise, daily, weekly, monthly, half yearly etc., as per original equipment manufacturer manual, shall be carried out by a competent person appointed by the manager of the mine and results are to be recorded in bound page book or in electronic form with due authentication.

11.5 The Performance report of the man riding car system shall be recorded as per Annexure-B and the same shall be kept available at mine office along with test certificates of rope and vital components.

11.6 All fire resistant high pressure hydraulic hoses shall comply to the general order No. DGMS/Mech/Technical Cir.(Approval)/04 dated 13.02.2015 or its revised version and fire resistant hydraulic fluids shall comply to the general order No. DGMS/Mech/Technical Cir.(Approval)/02 dated 13.02.2015 or its revised version issued by this Directorate.

11.7 All technical circulars/guidelines issued from this Directorate from time to time in the interest of safety shall be complied.

11.8 Shut down procedures shall be followed as per DGMS (Tech)(MAMID)/Circular No. 02 of 2017 dated: 15.06.2017 of this Directorate.

11.9 It is clarified that though above man-riding equipment has been approved for use in mine, it is obligatory on the part of the mine management to obtain permission under Regulation 93(7) of the Coal Mines Regulation, 2017 for use of man riding system.

11.10 This approval is accorded for Man Riding System by Rope Haulage (Direct) for No. 10 Incline (Maori Mine) (Surface to 1L, 1 Seam) of Mohan Colliery in Kanhan Area of M/s Western Coalfield Limited only.

11.11 Slow banking device shall be installed within one year from the date of issue of this letter and details of same shall be intimated to this Directorate  .

11.12 An approved type Alternator 12V, FLP with latest test standards, shall be included in Chair Car System for lighting purpose, within a year from the date of issue of this letter and details of same shall be intimated to this Directorate.

11.11 If at any time, any one of the conditions subject to which this approval has been accorded is violated or not complied with, this approval shall be deemed to have been revoked with immediate effect.

11.12 This approval may be amended or withdrawn, at any time if considered necessary in the interest of safety.

11.13 This is being issued without prejudice to any other provision of law that may be or become applicable at any time.




List of drawings of Man Riding System by Rope Haulage (Direct) for No. 10 Incline (Maori Mine) (Surface to 1L, 1 Seam) of Mohan Colliery in Kanhan Area of M/s Western Coalfield Limited

  1. Man Riding Train - Drg.No.SK-79-136.
  2. Hydraulic Circuit for Man Riding Hauler Power Pack - Drg.No.SK-22-426.
  3. Hydraulic Circuit for Rope Anchor Car - Drg.No.7800-01-087.
  4. Governor Bogie Assembly - Drg.No.SK-79-137.
  5. Alternator Bogie Assembly - Drg.No.SK-79-138.
  6. Arrangement of Caliper Brake - Drg.No.SK-79-144.
  7. Pantograph - Drg.No.SK-79-145.
  8. AC Thruster Brake Assembly - Drg.No.SK-79-146.
  9. Fixing Arrangement of Rope Cappel to Rope Anchor Car - Drg.No.SK-45-047.
  10. G A of Starter Panel - Drg.No.EAPL/JMMIL/P-221/GA1.
  11. G A of Intermediate Control Panel - Drg.No. EAPL/JMMIL/P-221/GA2.
  12. Mine Plan No. MHN.C/ MAO/ MR/ PER/ 21-1 dated 14.01.2021



List of electrical items associated with Man Riding System by Rope Haulage (Direct) for No. 10 Incline (Maori Mine) (Surface to 1L, 1 Seam) of Mohan Colliery in Kanhan Area of M/s Western Coalfield Limited

Sr. No.

Details of Equipments

Specification  / Type of the Equipments

Name of the Manufacturer


Test Report / Standard Reference, if any

DGMS Approval No.

Valid up to


Signaling Transformer with bell

Type ST-1,110/15V, Single Phase, 50Hz

Mine Line Pvt.Ltd.

Along the Main Haulage Dip

IS:2148  IS:5780

166 Group-I



Lighting andSignaling Unit

Type LSU-1, 550V/110V,Single Phase, 50Hz

Mine Line Pvt.Ltd.

Surface(Hauler Room)

IS: 2148


169 Gr.I



Starter Panel for Power Pack & Thrustor Brake

550V, 3 Phase, 50Hz

Elecktro Analgen Pvt. Ltd.

Surface(Hauler Room)





Intermediate Control Panel-cum-Power Pack Starter Panel

110V, 3 Phase , 50Hz

Elecktro Analgen Pvt. Ltd.

Surface(Hauler Room)





Hoisting and Lowering Limit Switch

Type ME/SP/ 10A / 60R,Contacts rated for 20Amps at 440V

A.G.Mechanical Enterprises

Surface(Hauler Room)






Power Pack Motors

5HP,550V, 3 Phase,50Hz


Surface(Hauler Room)





Head Lights


MEDC UK & SAIT Mine Line Pvt. Ltd.

Underground Main Incline (with Rope Anchor Car)

BS 4683,Part 2 Group 1 Certificate No.FLP 82002 & BS 5501, Part-115, IS:2148

454 of 1997




Cap Lamp

Type IS:RH:LED:05

Flameproof Equipment Pvt. Ltd.

In mine car





I S Page Phone with FLP Power Supply Unit

Type KSPP-02

Kaizen Services Pvt.Ltd.

Underground Main Incline (with Rope Anchor Car)

IS:2148  IS:5780

526 of 2005





3Cx2.5 Sq.mm

4Cx2.5 Sq.mm

Netco Cables Pvt.Ltd

In Hauler Room & Along Man Riding Roadway

IS:1554 Part-1




Change-Over Switch

Type CS-1/SS

Mine Line Pvt.Ltd.

Underground Main Incline (with Rope Anchor Car)


295 Group-1 of 1989



133HP/100KW Slip Ring Induction Motor(Existing at Mine)

TEFC,550V, 3-Phase, 50Hz,960 RPM

Crompton Greaves Ltd.

Surface (Hauler Room)

IS:325 & 4691




100KW Stator-Rotor Control Panel with Grid Resistance



50Hz, 300Amps, 50Hz,200Amps


Surface(Hauler Room)








Date of Inspection:

MINE:                                                                                      AREA:






Manufacturer Name



Hauler Capacity/ Make



Date of Installation



DGMS Approval No.



DGMS Permission No.



Valid up to:



Length of Man-Riding haulage



Permitted No. of cars and persons



Route and Profile of Roadway


Maximum gradient



Rail size (lb/yd)



Straightness and leveling of the Rail line



Minimum clearance between car and sides



Condition of ballasting



Provision of Manholes



Condition of rail joints with fish plates



Provision of cushioning at the end of the track



Details of Haulage Engine


Drum Diameter in mm



Condition of Foundation and bolts



Functioning of speed indicator



Functioning of car location indicator



Functioning of Automatic warning system during slow banking



Functioning of slow banking device



Effectiveness of brakes (tested at three times the normal pulling torque)



Functioning of Dead man’s handle



Functioning of slack rope protection



Functioning of over speed protection at motor (tripping speed, km/h)



Functioning of upper and lower over travel limit switches



Condition of couplings



Operator Comfort & lighting



Guarding of all moving parts



Details of Rope and Cappel


Rope Manufacturer



DGMS approval No.



Rope Test certificate No. and Reel No.



Rope Diameter in mm, construction and length of rope



Breaking strength (KN)



Date of installation



Restricted Rope life



Date of expiry of rope life



Date of recapping



Reduction in Rope diameter in percentage



Condition of Rope lubrication



Details of Rope Cappel:

  • Name of the Manufacturer:
  • Test certificate No.:
  • Date of installation of Cappel:
  • Restricted Cappel life:



Hambone clamp details:

  • Test Certificate No.:
  • Hambone clamp tightening torque, N-m



Condition of White Metal Rope Cappel with pin and locking arrangement



Powerpack Pump


Working pressure, MPa



Condition of spare pump



Condition of oil and filters



Function of Filter choke indicator



Function of Hydraulic valves



Oil leakages if any



Brakes Examination


Performance of Thruster Brake



Performance of Caliper Brake



Performance of Inching Operation



Condition of brake paths on the Brake drum



Man Riding Cars


Condition of Brake Pads as per standard



Condition of D-couplings, links and Safety chains between cars



Anti-rust coating to all vital parts



Pressure in the car pressure gauge (PSI)



Governor tripping speed, km/h



Governor tested on date



Functioning of brake valves, quick release coupling



Oil leakages if any



Condition of bogie pivot and lubrication



Clearance between brake pad and track, mm



Testing of brakes manually by operating levers in the cars



Function of pantographs on the-both ends of the cars



Functioning of Alternator and lighting



Electrical Protections On Hauler


Functioning of E/L protection



Functioning of O/L protection



Functioning of motor bearing temperature protection



Functioning of motor winding temperature protection



Maintaining of pantograph signal line



Functioning of blinkers in the haulage roadway



Condition of general lighting in the haulage Roadway



Functioning of pre-start alarm and caution message in haulage room and at all stations (Mention the delay time)



Separate signal line in the haulage Road apart from pantograph signal line



Functioning of loud hailing system in haulage Road.





Condition of Floor along the travel



Condition of Roof and Sides along the travel



Red retro reflector at the front and rear sides of the Cars



Separate SOPs circulated



Provision of Maintenance shed for checking condition of bogies, etc



NDT (Test report no. and Date) Attach the copy of test report



No. of Authorized Fitters



Name of the Authorized Engineer



History of Accidents if any



Overall Performance



Any other information:




Name, Date and Signature     Name, Date and Signature       Name, Date and Signature

of Service Engineer                        of Safety officer                     of Mine Engineer


Name, Date and Signature                    Name, Date and Signature

of Mine Manager                                  of Agent





Your Sincerely,
Director General of Mine Safety
Date : 22/03/2021